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All the wonders you seek are within yourself !

Welcome to my website, the home of the Warrior Monk. My name is Sue King. I have studied martial arts nearly all of my life and they have helped me overcome tragedy and pushed me to succeed when it seems the world around me didn’t want me to. I wanted to create a site that was a hub to help others be inspired by my own journey. To share experiences and techniques (martial and otherwise) that have helped me and countless others to overcome life’s obstacles.

My mission is to create a fun, safe place to learn, chat and share experiences with my students, martial arts friends and the wider community both online and in the real world.

As a young person I was taught that you need to become the change that you want to see in the world. That is what the martial arts and Zen  Buddhism have done for me and that is what I want to do for others, we are stronger together,

Here you can find out about my personal experiences, motivations and goals as well as find training advice from different martial artists


So, join me on my journey and let’s talk about life,  mindset, martial arts, inspirations or whatever we need to get along in life but most of all, let’s be that change we all want to see, together

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